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Email Marketing Encourages Growth, Conversions, and Retention

Email marketing is an important cog in the wheel of customer growth, conversion, and retention. While many people think of traditional advertising means such as ad units, one of the smartest channels to expand is your email reach.

Email marketing helps with:

· Growth

· Conversion

· Retention

It’s a form of permission marketing. What this means is that a potential client has signed up to learn more about your company. They’ve given you the means to contact them directly. This is a huge win for your business. With this change in relationship you’ve gone from a cold lead, one that has limited contact with you or doesn’t know of your company, to a warm lead and potential client that’s opened the lines of communication.

email marketing

Email marketing helps build relationships, trust, and authority

Let’s look closer at some of the things this important marketing channel can do for you.

· Offers direct contact with a potential or current client

· A warmer, more targeted lead

· Stronger potential to build an ongoing relationship and loyalty

· The opportunity to nurture your list and provide helpful information

· A place to showcase your authority

· Ability to help a future client see you as the solution to their problem

Email marketing offers a direct pipeline to your customer. When you take out traditional ads, you’re targeting clients based on certain parameters, hoping you’ll locate good potential clients. While there’s no guarantee, you may reach a couple of people that would be ideal clients. In that circumstance, hopefully, your message rings clearly enough and they decide to contact you. These are cold leads.

With email marketing, people have come to you based on inbound marketing methods and signed up to hear more from you. They’ve given you permission to reach out to them and contact them via email. The leads on your email list are warm leads, which means you have a better chance at converting them to customers.

Email marketing offers targeted leads. When you’ve drawn the right leads to your email list, your marketing efforts are more laser-focused. This means that you can work toward building a relationship with these prospects. Through awareness, they’ve found that you have the potential to help them solve their problem, and they want to know more.

They may not have known that you could help them. Now, they’re aware you may have an answer that they’ve been looking for. They’ve chosen to hear more from you, and signed up for your newsletter or mailing list. By curating and nurturing these leads, they are more likely to become paying customers.

Email marketing helps build relationships. It’s important to provide helpful information. If a potential client signed up to be on your email list, they want to hear from you. They’ve decided to invite you into their inbox. The way to build a relationship is to show them that you have solutions. By offering helpful content and resources, while showing them you are an authority and know what you’re talking about, they’ll feel safer to give you their business.

Email marketing builds trust. Building trust comes from nurturing your relationships. When a future client grows more familiar with you through communication, they come to value the information you’re providing. In turn, they see you as an authority. They trust you, build a relationship, and then when they’re ready to move forward with correcting their problem, will turn to you as the solution. You’ve gently guided them through your sales funnel helping them become aware that you are the answer to their issue.

Email marketing helps build authority. When a client sees you as an authority, they understand that you know the business and stand out above others in your industry. Authority is about trust. Think about when you buy a new car. You rarely go with an unknown company that’s been new in town for 2 weeks. You trust those who have shown they are dependable, reliable, and stand the test of time.

When you’re continually sending relevant, helpful information to a prospect’s inbox, they’re seeing that you have knowledge in your industry that they’ve been seeking. You know of what you speak, you reach out with details that they are in search of. This is a subtle process, but over time they’ve come to see you as an authority. This is done with careful nurturing.

Email marketing helps encourage conversion. The sales funnel or flywheel method is created to take a potential client or lead and gently encourage them to learn more about how you can help them. When all the pieces work well, you’re guiding them toward conversion.

email marketing for businesses

While email marketing’s main purpose is to build, grow, and convert customers, don’t forget the ability to offer strong follow-through and customer support. A happy customer becomes a loyal customer.

With each of these elements in mind, email marketing is a smart path in converting potential customers into brand ambassadors. Happy customers share their satisfaction with others, which in turn brings you more growth.

Email marketing offers a channel that allows you to speak directly with a customer. Don’t shy away from this great opportunity. Rather, nurture it and use the connection to delight your clients while building relationships and increasing conversions.


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