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About Me

Nour Alhamwi

Certified Brand Strategist

Visual Designer

Creative-Business Consultant

As a certified brand strategist and entrepreneur, Nour has a wealth of experience in various aspects of business. She holds a B.A. in Graphic Design and Media Arts from Southern New Hampshire University. In addition, she has completed Harvard's Online School for Entrepreneurship courses and is trained in Sandler Sales methods. Nour is also certified by LEVEL C, an educational program organization. Her belief that branding is much more than visuals has led her to focus on developing strategies that reflect a company's CORE values and analyzing the market in order to produce outstanding results.

She has been helping companies reach their branding, sales, and outreach goals through a myriad of multichannel solutions through both leading teams of existing marketing and branding pros and taking on the challenges of improving firm reputations, boosting brand awareness, and skyrocketing bottom lines. 

As somewhat of an FBS (Fractional Brand Strategist) with a high level of experience with sales, she assists firms on a contractual basis to research and launch their new branding strategy and exceed those sales and lead acquisition objectives. 

Here through her site, she is anxious and honored to bring her unique combination of experiences as a professionally trained sales trainer, certified brand strategist, and visual designer to pave the way for you "designers, developers, marketers, strategists" to become leader and an expert in strategy, and support you in growing your entrepreneurship. 

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