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Consider Educating Your Target While Marketing Your Business

There are a multitude of ways that you can market a business. While most are familiar with branding and the basics of advertising, have you considered educating your audience as a means to build authority?

By providing users with helpful resources and content, you’re offering your expertise in your chosen industry that speaks to your target market. When you openly share, you build trust with your audience, which in turn builds relationships.

Don’t be afraid to give before you take. It’s a cornerstone that can lift your brand to the next level. A large segment of society is only focused on what they can get from a prospective client. What if instead of this attitude, you were genuinely helpful? By choosing the point of view that you are helping to service your clients with the right information, product, or service, you’ll shine above those that can only see themselves in the equation.

Ways to Educate Your Target Market

  • Offer a list of useful resources

  • Offer comparisons or helpful charts

  • Showcase tutorials or ways to use your product or service

  • Show users why you provide the service that you do

  • Show other uses for your product or how else it can be helpful

  • Consider complementary information that would work well with your service or product

  • Use videos, PDFs, articles, or other lead magnets to share information

  • Help users see the many ways your product or service can be helpful via a slow newsletter drip, so as not to overwhelm them with too much information at once

  • Show how others have benefited from using your product or service (ex: testimonials)

  • Consider creating case studies

  • Speak with them to address their specific questions and to see what else they need help with

Visual Cues are a Great Way to Learn

So many people are visual learners. Seeing something in action can be a way for them to not only connect to a product or service, but understand how it can be helpful to them personally. Videos offer the opportunity to both show and tell, which is a rare combination. It’s why many go to conferences or industry get togethers, because it either allows them a hands-on experience or to see something in action.

Today, we rely on the internet more than ever. A video, whether a tutorial or simple explanation, or even showing how something is helpful, can draw in your customers while helping them learn more about your product, service, or industry.

It’s the business that goes above and beyond, that takes the time to educate their customers and potential clients, that will see the greatest success. Customers feel that you value them when you take the time to answer their questions, point them in the right direction, or offer beneficial resources.

So much of business today relies on personal experience. We want to be valued and treated well as clients. If a client feels forgotten about, overlooked, or lost in the mix, you’re more likely to lose them. And let’s face it, it’s easier to retain a client than find a new client.

Have you considered educating your target audience, whether it’s people new to your business or industry or those who have been with you for a while? Have you considered how you can help current clients by offering more advanced tactics or information that will allow them to get more out of your product or service?

Not Sure Where to Start?

Survey your current clients. What would they have found useful when making a decision about your product or service? Now that they’ve been working with your company, what might make the experience better? Is there something that they feel would be helpful to learn? Is there something missing? Speaking with your customers is a great way to figure out what’s working and what could be improved upon.


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