Know - Like - Trust

Business Start With Building Relationship.




For companies and businesses who want to build and improve their visual brand, I'm specialized in brand strategy & identity design that will define their uniqueness and value to stand out from the crowd and retain clients' loyalty.

The Meanning. The Story. The Promiss

Problem solving, growth, details, relation, affecting, emotional, development... These are what lead me to brand strategy, the coloration to business development. The Nike, Apple, Puma, Google, Amazon success stories, all have something in a comment which is the story and the promise. They are able to touch people's feelings, found a problem, and provided a solution. And they kept their brand growing. I decided to be specialized in "Brand Building & Innovation", focusing on what is deep inside and then bring it to the light for the audience to see, feel, and connect. 

Goals To Go For

I'm driven to help companies and professionals build their brand, with messaging that aligns with the core values that help them connect effectively with their audience. I aim to be a leader in brand innovation, expanding the visual creative values and their strong correlation to business development.

My goals are to build a supportive and sustainable business culture, advocate for moral and ethical business behavior, and support the young generation while they're exploring their personal and professional opportunities.

Believing In

Authenticity - Representing one's true nature or beliefs, true to oneself.
Creativity - Original ideas that add value.
Leadership - Positive influence and genuine support. 
Respect - To be accepting and understanding. 
Responsibility - To care and be considered. 

Looking For

Growth - Companies and businesses that are ready to hit running.
Commitment - That creates a bond of mutual trust.
Communication - High productivity and responsibility for a smooth and efficient process.