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What Does 'Brand' Mean?

Branding! Big word and big impact! When we hear the word brand or branding, we stop and look for specific characteristics that make a product known as part of a brand. We might also avoid a specific product because of its brand. So what is a brand?

If you found the dictionary definition of a brand, you would find something like “a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.”

Is that all there is? NO! A brand is so much more!

Brands used to be the symbols that define a company and its products as unique from other companies. In the world of social media, it means much more! Brands include the company, trademark, standards, quality, trust, reliance, reputation, and value. Shoppers and clients make buying decisions based on previous experience, reputation, and marketing tactics from brands. People's experiences create a reputation, which can encourage others to start a new experience with the brand. Marketing tactics also create a push by selling the brand’s service or product.

In branding, it is important to pay equal attention to the quality and the visual presentation (logo and marketing). A great product or service with a poor visual presentation will have a lower chance to stand out, gain clients, and become known to a larger audience. Great visual presentation but poor service or product will also hurt a brand’s reputation because of the client’s dissatisfaction.

When managing a business, remember that every move or act affects your brand. Your service should enhance your reputation and build trust with your clients. The visual elements should make your brand is known with one look, helping your “brand awareness” spread easily.

Examples of successful brands:










What do you think of as a successful brand? Share it with us in the comments.


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