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M&M's Characters: A Brief History

M&M's, the world's most famous candy-coated chocolate, has been a popular treat for almost a century. The brand's iconic "melt in your mouth, not in your hand" slogan, as well as its colorful and recognizable characters, have made it a household name.

M&M's have been a beloved candy brand for generations, known for their colorful candy shells and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate centers. But did you know that M&M's also have a cast of iconic characters that have been entertaining consumers for decades? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the M&M's characters, their history, and their influence on pop culture.

  1. Red - Introduced in 1954, Red is the original M&M's character and serves as the brand's "spokescandy." He is confident, charismatic, and sometimes arrogant, making him a natural leader. Red's iconic catchphrase "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand" has become synonymous with the M&M's brand. Red's character is also known to be bossy, and he often clashes with Yellow's character.

  2. Yellow - Yellow is the other original M&M's character, also introduced in 1954. He is often portrayed as nervous and unsure of himself, making him a bit of a contrast to Red. Despite his insecurities, Yellow is friendly and often serves as the voice of reason for the group. Yellow's character is also known for his phobias, particularly his fear of flying.

  3. Blue - Blue was introduced in 1995 and quickly became a fan favorite. He is the cool, suave character of the group, with a laid-back personality and a love for jazz music. Blue is often seen wearing sunglasses, adding to his smooth persona. He is also known for his love of chocolate and can often be found indulging in M&M's.

  4. Green - Green, also known as Ms. Green, was introduced in 1997 and is the only female M&M's character. She is often depicted as sassy and confident, with a sultry voice and a wink that can melt hearts. Her design has evolved over the years, with a recent redesign giving her a more modern and chic look. Green is also associated with the color of love and is often featured in Valentine's Day-themed ads.

  5. Orange - Orange was introduced in 1995 and is known for his quirky, goofy personality. He loves to make people laugh and is always up for a good time. Orange's character is often seen wearing a party hat and carrying a noise maker, adding to his fun-loving persona. He is also known for his love of practical jokes, which often backfire on him.

  6. Ms. Brown - Ms. Brown is the newest addition to the M&M's characters, introduced in 2012. She is depicted as a smart, no-nonsense character, with a tough exterior and a soft spot for her fellow M&M's. Ms. Brown's character is often seen wearing glasses and carrying a clipboard, emphasizing her intelligent and organized nature.

The Evolution of the Characters

Over time, the M&M's characters evolved from simple candy mascots to complex personalities with distinct traits and storylines. For example, Red became known as the "spokescandy" for the brand, often shown as the leader of the group and sometimes portrayed as arrogant. Yellow, on the other hand, was often portrayed as nervous and unsure of himself. Green, the only female character, was introduced in 1997 and quickly became known for her sultry voice and confident attitude.

The Influence of the Characters

The M&M's characters have had a significant influence on popular culture. They have been featured in countless commercials, print ads, and even their own animated television series. The characters' popularity has also led to numerous licensed products, such as clothing, toys, and home decor. The characters' distinctive colors and personalities have become instantly recognizable, making them an effective marketing tool for the brand.

The Characters' Relevance Today

Despite being around for over 60 years, the M&M's characters remain relevant and popular today. The brand has continued to innovate, introducing new flavors and limited-edition releases to keep consumers interested. The characters have also remained a key part of the brand's marketing efforts, with new commercials and ads featuring the colorful mascots.


The M&M's characters have come a long way since their introduction in the 1950s. From simple candy mascots to complex personalities with distinct traits, the characters have become a beloved part of popular culture. Their influence on marketing and branding has been significant, and their relevance has endured for over 60 years. Whether you prefer Plain or Peanut, Red or Yellow, Green or Blue, there is no denying the impact of the M&M's characters on the world of candy and beyond.

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