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How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Have you ever thought about harnessing the power of LinkedIn for marketing? One of the benefits of this social media channel is that the user base is professional based, and perfect for networking. People on LinkedIn aren’t looking to hear about your latest vacation, like you might see on Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn is a channel that is completely focused on the business world.

This is ideal when you’re looking to work with a specific area of individuals or companies. You can easily target and identify the industry that you’re hoping to reach, whether through ads, informative posts, or through groups and direct messaging.

Ways to Use Linked in for Marketing:

  • Helpful articles

  • Lists of resources

  • Advertising

  • Groups

  • Direct messaging

Helpful Articles: One way to build authority in your niche or industry is by showcasing your knowledge through the use of articles. This is a great avenue for sharing not only helpful information, but allows you to then link to your business or profile in a subtle manner that shows how to contact you.

Lists of Resources: People love to read lists. They’re easy to quickly scan and digest. Lists point to information that’s helpful for those looking for specific ideas, resources, or that can point them in the direction of something they weren’t aware of. Lists are a favorite among readers, and can again, help showcase your authority in your industry.

Advertising: Advertising is a faster way to reach a targeted audience. Yes, it’s pay-to-play, but advertising accelerates the process. LinkedIn is a perfect channel for advertising when you’re trying to reach a specific audience. They come to LinkedIn as a professional, and are business minded. It’s the perfect opportunity to reach somebody in the right mindset.

Groups: Groups are about networking. Making connections is an important part of growing your audience, as well as connecting with likeminded professionals. You can discuss what’s working, share resources, information, and get to know more about what people are doing and looking for. Often times when networking, you’ll find professionals in complementary lines of work, and you can end up referring business to one another.

Direct Messaging: Direct messaging is a good way to reach a specific individual, but if not done properly can leave a sour taste in the recipient’s mouth. Do not start sending random direct messages to people—it’s in poor taste. Rather, introduce yourself, maybe ask for a connection, or briefly explain why you’re contacting them. Maybe you saw an article they wrote and found it helpful. Or, you have something of interest to help them. Give before taking. See how you can be of help to them, and introduce yourself as an ally in business.

LinkedIn can be a powerful networking channel that has the opportunity to expand your reach. The best way to connect with others is to first be helpful, show your authority in the industry without being boastful, but rather by offering information that is useful to others.

When it comes to the many social network channels, no other medium offers you a direct line to business professionals who are on the site to network with others. Leave Facebook and Instagram for more relaxed posting. Remember that LinkedIn was created for business professionals.

  • According to a report LinkedIn released in January of 2021, then have over 740 million professionals on their site.

  • Business Insider showed that LinkedIn was a trusted network among professionals.

  • Most LinkedIn professionals are decision makers.

  • According to a Hootsuite report, LinkedIn’s advertising reach grew by 3%, growing over 25 million people in the final quarter of 2020.

When it comes to reaching professionals, there’s no question that LinkedIn is the place to be. Not only can you showcase your authority as a business professional, but you’re able to network, message others that can either become clients or become helpful contacts, but it’s also an opportunity to be among your peers and learn from one another.

Did you know that 55 million companies are on LinkedIn? That’s massive! Are you? LinkedIn was made for B2B social marketing. It’s a platform that’s ripe for business-related content. How will you use LinkedIn to expand your reach?

Fully filled out business pages and profiles get more views, while active profiles have a further reach. In fact, active profiles that post weekly can double their reach. When was the last time you were active on LinkedIn?


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