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Business During Quarantine - Tt’s Time To Evaluate!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected our lives and turned them upside down. Understatement of the year, right? In our fast-paced lives, this virus has pushed us to cut down or completely eliminate our social lives, put a hold on business activity, and brought about changes that were probably unthinkable before. And many of us—understandably—are feeling stressed and worried about how we are going to handle this period.

I feel you. The first couple of days I was definitely stressed out (still stressed, if I’m being honest) and couldn’t sleep at night. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I should spend my time and how I’m going to keep my business going, especially since I really mostly rely on socializing to get clients! Not to mention, with the kids home, it’s getting crazy!

Well, I had to take a very deep breath and started thinking more logically and tactically, and I got to the point where I began to evaluate every aspect of my life.

You know the feeling when you’re sick and stuck in bed and come up with all sorts of ideas about things to do? You start thinking about many different things, like places you want to travel to, and then you start noticing things here and there at your house that need to be fixed or updated. Then, after getting better, you have new plans to work on because you evaluated the things around you while you were stuck in bed.

Sound familiar?

Even if it doesn’t, this is exactly what we should do while in quarantine—spend time evaluating our relationships, our routines, and of course, our BUSINESSES!

Let's talk more about business, especially branding and marketing. When evaluating your business, you need to step back and really look at every aspect of it. Look at your service/product and how it was doing in the past year. Check your expenses, and see how you set your priorities and what expenses should be cut.

Looking at the big picture, how do your logo and brand feel after all this time? Business cards, this is a very important one, too. Do they need a refreshed look?

What about your website? When was the last time you checked the content and information on it? Does it need anything added or taken off?

And don’t forget marketing materials. How are your brochures, posters, and any other market materials looking? Could they use some improvements? How are your relationships, networks, and distributors?

Are there any changes you can make to any of the above that might help your business? What is your plan after quarantine?

One of the things that makes this timing perfect is that branding, marketing, and website design all require time to be done effectively and well. When I work with clients, for instance, a project takes more than simply the hours needed to do the work until the project is done. I also need to go back and forth with my clients to get to the final approval, and that can be time-consuming.

See, plenty of questions to answer! And there is much more that you can ask yourself about your business that will lead you to new ideas and opportunities that you might be missing out there.

Now is the right time to think about it all. Set an updated/new plan before you get crazy busy after this outbreak. You also have the time to educate yourself about a new subject that would be helpful for your business by considering some online classes.

Whatever your business is about, evaluation is a necessary step to keep moving forward. It needs time, yes, but a good evaluation also requires you to have a clear head and patience.

So…take a deep breath. Organize your thoughts. And then get to it. LET'S STAY PRODUCTIVE during the quarantine, and then rock it once we are back out there!


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