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Brand Changes Happen Even a the Government Level

When it comes to brands and logos, companies update their look, feel, or brand for a lot of different reasons. Whether it’s to streamline their look for a more modern vibe, such as Kia Motors or like the restaurant going from TGI Fridays to simply Fridays. Fisher-Price and Facebook even got in on the fun with fresh new looks, and Comcast has started going by Xfinity. Other times, a brand shortens their name on their logo to make it trendier, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken switching things over to KFC. In the case of merging or takeovers, you'll have complete name changes like how Wachovia became Wells Fargo.

Resource: Julia Mcgreevy

On the other hand, it begs to question why a government entity would freshen up a logo. Is it to show a more modernized look, like how the Central Intelligence Agency updated their CIA logo, or for other reasons such as reputation management?

While nobody likes to wait in line at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), that will no longer be an option if you reside in New Jersey. They felt that too many people associated bad service and long lines with the name, so they altered it. Could a name change make a big enough difference?

In 2003, New Jersey launched a brand-new name for their DMV. They’d now be known as the MVC, which stands for Motor Vehicle Commission. Years later, the name has stuck. The state wanted to clean up the reputation, modernize the process by including things like digital licenses, along with accepting new forms of payment at the MVC, and extending hours for better customer service.

In the CIA’s case, they were looking to update their design to include more diversity. Does their new logo do that? According to them, it was the purpose, but the internet has other opinions on the matter.

The government shifts and changes names and logos, just like private companies do. For example, back in 1994, the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service changed their name to the Farm Service Agency as part of a merge. The Health Care Financing Administration was later renamed as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) changed their logo for a few years, then reverted back to a previous design.

Even cities are getting into the act, hoping a fresh new look will help them rebrand their image. Here, you can see Chicago’s latest rebrand. Lubbock, Texas is another city looking to rebrand. Stay tuned to see what they come up with. Bidding for the project started in late 2020.

Melbourne Brand Identity

Whether looking to freshen up an image, offer a more welcoming approach, or to aid in reputation management, it’s not simply companies that are creating new logos and brands.

In today’s globally connected world and the internet at our fingers, more people are vocal about companies they’re unhappy with. Check out the results of this survey about poor customer service here.

Is it any wonder some of these companies are looking for a restart? Even hotels are looking for a fresh start. Here’s a look at how Super 8 has changed designs.

United Airlines (another contender on the customer service survey) got a recent update as well.

What do you think about brands changing their logo as a means to be seen in a new light?


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