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Fundamentals of Branding and Marketing

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This course is designed to provide designers, brand specialists, and creative and marketing professionals with a foundational understanding of branding and marketing. Participants will learn the core elements of branding, including brand strategy, positioning, architecture, core, promise, personality, visual and verbal branding, and brand experience. They will also understand the difference between branding and marketing and how they complement each other. Throughout the course, participants will explore the basics of branding, including brand identity, messaging, target audience identification, competitive analysis, and marketing tactics. By the end of the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of branding and marketing principles and be able to apply them to real-world business challenges. Key Outcomes: - Develop an understanding of a brand and its elements, such as brand strategy, positioning, core, personality, visual branding, and brand experience. - Differentiate between branding and marketing, and understand how they complement each other. - Understand the role of marketing channels in executing marketing strategy. Overall, this course is an essential resource for anyone who wants to develop a successful brand or marketing strategy and is looking to gain foundational knowledge and understanding of branding and marketing principles.



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