"For businesses who are eager to grow and enhance their mark. Brand strategy and identity design are my specialties, to get you recognized, build trust, and improve your communication with your audience."

 Nour Alhamwi 

My Goal Is To Create A Strong, Consistent & Compelling Brand You Are Proud Of!

Imagine if Apple and Microsoft as individuals, how would they look like, sound like, and how would they act? What is it like to work with them, or buy from them? what are they solving? How are they driving people their way? 

You know what you have to offer, but you might not be sure about how to share that with the world, how to get to the right minds, and drive clients your way instead of going after them. 

I focus on brand building through strategy and design because I believe in the power of emotional connection that can be delivered through visual design. 


For Success Seekers

Authenticate Your Brand Message With Personality

Brand identity with logo, colors, and typography shows your business's "face & personality". To make sure that your business looks sharp and best at all times, start with a brand strategy that will focus on developing your brand promise, position, personality traits, story, and visual associations.


90% of Consumers Report Being Brand-loyal, and they are willing to:


Recommend and tell friends and family about a brand they are loyal to.


Join Loyalty or VIP Program


Spend more on products or services even if with cheaper options elsewhere.

Brand Design...

Brand & Marketing Strategy...

Invest in Your Growth.
Invest in Your

With the right Brand Strategy + Brand Identity, you’ve got a strong brand foundation to rely on with a customized visual presence.

What is your branding doing for you? Are you frustrated because your brand is just not getting the recognition that you know it deserves in the marketplace? If it’s offering lackluster performance, it may be time to re-strategize.

With the right process, consistency, and innovation, you can take your business to the next level. Are you ready to get started?