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Snickers: The Influence of Public Relations on Their Success

A business must have an excellent reputation to succeed in today's world. There are many ways that companies can build their reputation, including customer service and satisfaction, quality of the product, price point and value, overall brand image, community outreach, and more. One way that companies typically use to maintain their good reputation is through public relations (PR).

In the Snickers scenario, there was a problem in the company. They were losing market share to other companies with their products and commercials. The hired PR person had a complicated job fixing and getting the company back on track, but she knew she had to be creative and think outside the box. She knew that she had to come up with something that would scream "Snickers" and be original but at the same time not offend.

"You're Not You When You're Hungry" was a campaign the team created. The idea was to portray the public's problem and show that no matter what the situation, their answer was always "Snickers."

James Miller, global head of strategy for Mars, explains how fame has been a key driver in making Snickers' six-year global campaign so effective. "We concluded that driving fame—particularly getting more and more people talking about the brand—would deliver penetration growth and drive sales. Taking a step back, we looked at the work we were creating around the globe and quickly realized that it did not reflect our analysis of how communication would grow the brand. This pushed us toward targeting men using very "blokey" humor. We couldn’t ignore or walk away from our past, but our new approach meant finding insight and a story that would connect with everyone.”

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