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I Got You A Critical Advice on Integrated Marketing!

For anyone entering the marketing industry, it's time to talk about ethics!

If you’re new to the marketing industry and integrated marketing, knowing how basic business and marketing ethics impact your marketing strategy is crucial to your success.

According to the American Marketing Association, you should keep a couple of points in mind:

1. Don’t harm anyone with your product or with your marketing strategy. For example, while advertising your product, don’t make fun of a group or use anything that could be perceived as racist.

2. Gain and adopt trust in the marketing system. People's behavior toward the market is based on their trust in the service/company.

3. Support and spread ethical values.

How can you support and spread ethical values? Well, to start, you can and should build relationships and enhance consumer confidence in the integrity of your marketing. How?

You can affirm the following core values:

Honesty: Always be truthful to your consumers and stakeholders.

Responsibility: Be brave, and accept the consequences of your marketing strategy and decisions.

Fairness: Be fair, and strike a balance between the needs of the buyer and the interests of the seller. Avoid conflicts of interest.

Respect: Always strive to respect people’s values and individual differences, and always listen to the needs of your customers, striving to then meet those needs.

Transparency: Create a spirit of openness in your marketing operations.

Citizenship: Support and enhance the economy, and share legal and social responsibilities toward the community around you.

Whatever your business is about, these ethics apply—always!

Ultimately, to practice integrated marketing ethically, ensure all your strategies and plans are clear and well-balanced between consumers and stakeholders so that no party can take advantage of another. You should always believe in your product and campaign—and do everything you can to make it succeed, of course—but you should also always strive to do so without harming or damaging others.

Resource: “Statement of Ethics.” AMA,

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