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Business Card: Why Should I Have One and How to Get One?

Your business card is one of the simplest ways to share your business with others. It’s essentially like saying, “Hello! I’m here if you need me!”. Others will also be way more likely to remember you as “the person who does this thing!”. Your business card doesn’t only provide your contact information, though. How it looks also represents who you are. That means it’s a crucial piece of your marketing materials.

What should you include on a business card?

Your logo, full name, phone or cell number, email, and website are musts. Extra information like a fax number or address if you have a physical one can also be included. If your business has employees, you might consider having cards for each member of your team to capture any opportunity to market for your business. Also, it makes them proud and they feel trusted.

Where and how should you get your business cards done?

One option is to ask a graphic designer to design your card for you. Hiring a designer will ensure your card looks professional and has everything necessary.

Keep in mind, though, that designers usually don’t get involved with printing materials unless the client asks, and that really should be included in the contract or agreement. So if you want the designer to handle the printing process for you, make sure to ask the designer and to get the necessary details about when and how the cards will be done.

You also can gather the main information (your logo, full name, phone or cell number, email, website, etc.) yourself, and use a print shop. The UPS Store, Staples and many other stores provide printing services, including business cards. There are also online services that you can try where you get your cards delivered to you. You can either choose one of the available designs online printing services offer and fill in your information, or upload the design you got from a graphic designer.

MOO and Vistaprint are my favorite online sites for printing. Both websites are super easy to navigate, and placing an order is simple. The sites also have plenty of business card options and designs to choose from. You can choose a pre-designed templet that you like and add your information, design it yourself and customize the look by adding your logo, choosing the colors, font, and shape, or you can upload your own complete design to be printed.

I printed my business cards through MOO and was very happy with the cards. I have since assisted many people with printing their materials through both MOO and Vistaprint, and the results have always been satisfactory.

Other online printing stores to check out are Smartpress, GotPrint, and PrintRunner. I’ve never tried either site before but have heard great feedback about both of them.

Regardless of the site or business you use, always check the reviews of the print store you’re interested in. You also want to check how long it will take to receive your order and to consider how many cards you get for the price—those factors can vary from site to site.

Getting your business cards might sound overwhelming, but the benefit to your business will make it worth the effort. So what are you waiting for? Get your information ready, plan a budget, explore your options, and get your cards ready to go into people’s wallets. That way, your business card is handy when they need what you provide!

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