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Brand Strategy

The brand strategy looks at the unique elements that make a brand stand apart, by combining the brand’s core, voice with the business goals. 

The strategy defines what does the business stands for, the promise it makes, and the personality it conveys. 


  • Internal Brand (Brand Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values)

  • Audience Persona (s)

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Positioning Strategy

  • Human Brand Persona (Brand Personality, Voice)

  • Messaging Draft

  • Storytelling Draft

  • Brand Strategy Guidelines (brief) 

Visual Branding

From brand identity to a full system that ensures brand consistency. The brand identity comes down to cohesive elements that speak the brand’s language through visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, logo, and web design. It helps the company to become immediately recognizable.


  • Logo

  • Typography

  • Color Palette

  • Image Style

  • Iconography

  • Style Guide

  • Web Design

  • Stationary


A full review of the current marketing approach (audit), making sure it aligns with the brand strategy and visual consistency. 

Setting a comprehensive marketing plan, with a material list that applies brand guidelines for effective marketing. 


  • Audit

  • Channels Mindmap

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Execution

  • Marketing Design 

Scale Your Business & Get Ready For Growth

Get a clear strategy that can set a strong foundation for your marketing, advertisement, even copywriting needs. You won't need to spend more on projects that "we don't feel it's good enough" or "we don't think this ad represents us". 

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